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Teeth Brush

The main thing is to clean the teeth adjacent to the wider teeth, such as periodontal disease, causing gum atrophy. When using the teeth brush, just take it into the teeth, move forward and back, clean the teeth adjacent. The teeth will be more difficult to clean after wearing a fixed gear tooth on the tooth surface of the tooth. Besides waking up every morning and cleaning the teeth before bedtime, you should brush your teeth and clean the teeth after meals.

Advice of the cleaning method: first, use the toothbrush to clean the place between the tooth and gum, brush the teeth and crown edges. Then use the tooth brush to the brush head part of the teeth and the clearance between the teeth cleaning. If the teeth are small, it is inappropriate to use the brush, hard plug in the gums will damage, this time need to use dental floss. Tooth floss in the mouth will make dental use more difficult, so you can use special effects tooth line to remove the teeth adjacent to dental bacteria.