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Spray Toothbrush

Spray toothbrush is the tool of atomized liquid toothpaste. Brush teeth with spray toothbrush, it can spray liquid toothpaste on the teeth, spray toothbrush divided into manual spray toothbrush is in the compressed bottle with a toothbrush head, bottle body as a toothbrush handle used, compressed bottle of the principle of our commonly used gel water bottle similar. The technical characteristics of the manual spray toothbrush are: In the toothbrush handle of the compressed bottle with liquid toothpaste, the toothbrush head with a toothpaste channel and nozzle, spray mouth hidden in the toothbrush hair bundle, liquid toothpaste from the spout. At the nozzle also has a soft glue one-way valve to plug the nozzle, soft glue one-way valve for the nozzle seal, to prevent bacteria and saliva into the toothpaste channels, to ensure the quality of toothpaste channels inside.