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How To Brushing Your Teeth In Correct

The correct way of brushing your teeth with your sonic electric toothbrush.

Now Millioncare tell you about the common knowledge of how to brush the teeth:


Most people may not pay attention to the temperature of  water when brushing teeth.More of the situation is to open the faucet without thinking, brush your teeth with cold water. Some people think that brushing your teeth with cold water in winter, can strength the teeth, making teeth more solid. Some people brush with the water either not too cold or too hot. These above are not conducive to health. Healthy proverb says, "brush your teeth with warm water, teeth grinning." Brushing teeth with warm water is good to the health of the teeth, which is a certain scientific reason.


According to the statistic that the human teeth suitable for oral temperature in the 35-36.5 ℃ under the normal metabolism. If you often make your  teeth under sudden hot stimulation, it will directly affect the normal metabolism of teeth, but also may lead to bleeding gums, gums spasm or other dental problems, thereby shortening the life of the teeth. Especially in patients with tooth allergy, dental caries, mouth ulcers, glossitis, pharynx, cold or hot stimulation will induce or aggravate the condition.


Scientists through research that brushing with warm water is conducive to the health of the teeth. But long-term use of cold water to brush your teeth, there will be "people are not old, teeth to the old" outcome. Japan's Ministry of Health and a survey shows that the average life expectancy of teeth than the average life expectancy of more than 10 years, the root will be in the "cold water brushing" this habit.


Practice also proved that about 35 ℃ water temperature is a benign oral health agent, with such a water mouthwash, both teeth, but also throat and tongue, but also conducive to clear the mouth of bacteria and food residues, will make people produce a Kind of cool, comfortable taste.


Health tips


A toothbrush of the best life of not more than 1 month, electric sonic  toothbrush recommended every 3 months to replace the toothbrush head. Because the intensity of electric toothbrush is more moderate, and the design of bristles more conducive to tooth cleaning, so the use of life can be longer.


From Millioncare who is dedicated to sonic electric toothbrush.