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Health comes from the teeth, smile will be in the heart

                                          Health comes from the teeth, smile will be in the heart!


If you haven't have one good electric sonic toothbrush, then it is a pity for your teeth; if you are using it now, come to see below, don't miss the use of skills, make your teeth more healthy.

Electric toothbrush is more scientific and effective

Not in the bragging, electric toothbrush through the electric motor's rapid rotation or vibration, makes the brush produce high-frequency vibration, instantly break down the toothpaste into a tiny foam, deep cleaning teeth.This advantage is more thorough removal of plaque, reduce gums Inflammation, periodontal disease and gum bleeding and other oral diseases, while at the same time, the bristles of bristles can promote oral blood circulation, gingival tissue also have unexpected massage effect.

Electric toothbrush control brushing strength

Experimental data show that electric toothbrushes can remove over 38% of dental plaque more than manual toothbrushes, and its cleanliness has been consistently agreed by oral experts. At the same time, the electric toothbrush program is through thousands of tests of laboratory developers, brushing the intensity of a reasonable plan. And the use of ordinary toothbrush brushing, the use of the intensity by the user's own control, brushing effort is too small, can not be clean, but sometimes difficult to brush your teeth too much, or the use of incorrect pull-type horizontal brush method, which will teeth and gums Cause damage.

Electric toothbrush to ensure brushing time

Whether it is tired to return home or wake up to get up, most people will not have much effort and strength, brushing time and brushing teeth of the norms may not be guaranteed, the health effects of the teeth naturally greatly reduced. Electric toothbrush can be a good solution to this problem, automatic rotation of the brush head, ergonomic overall design, and after testing the brushing time can ensure that the brushing of the effective and convenient. Easy to use, brushing naturally very easy, but also easy to cultivate a good brushing habits.

What is the best sonic electric toothbrush

After reading the above, maybe you also want to try, try electric toothbrush is really so magical. What kind of electric toothbrush worthy of your start?

Sports mode: electric toothbrush common there are three kinds of movement: ring rotation (round brush to a direction of rotation), straight reciprocating vibration (vertical, horizontal swing), left and right rotation (round brush head, counterclockwise alternating rotation) The

In these sports patterns, the left and right rotation electric toothbrush is the strength of the teeth for a comprehensive clean, can effectively remove dental plaque and other harmful substances; and vertical (horizontal grip) movement of the electric toothbrush, more good at cleaning teeth The residual objects between the joints.

Brush: This is mainly for different needs of consumers, common with ordinary brush, whitening brush head, soft hair brush head (for sensitive teeth), teeth brush head, multi-function brush head, etc., where small partners On demand.

Life: Now most of the use of electric toothbrush induction charge, when not the basic are placed on the base of the charge, usually do not feel the importance of battery life. The role of life or mainly reflected in the out, with a charging base how much or some cumbersome.

And these we Millioncare has done better, buy a toothbrush to meet your own system will be more important!

Millioncare  your preferred ultrasonic toothbrush. Five clean tooth pattern, one year charge 4 times, 31000 times vibration, waterproof, imported material ............see detail below.