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Electric Toothbrush Waterproof Function



Electric toothbrush does have a waterproof function.A short time in the water, will not be damaged.


In our daily life, many products only waterproof and not waterproof distinction, in fact, waterproof is also divided into many grades, and electric toothbrush also has a professional expression of the electric toothbrush waterproof level,However, many people still have problem in flooding toothbrush water. Not in the use of brushing, but placed. We use electric toothbrushes, often with the same as the manual toothbrush, the toothbrush on the mouthwash cup. In fact, manual toothbrush cup, because it can not be placed alone. For electric toothbrushes, long placed in the cup, the handle in a humid environment, easy to breed bacteria, but also easy from the bottom of the infiltration of water. This may be the cause of the main toothbrush. So we recommend that you use electric toothbrush, the toothbrush dry, erected in a relatively dry environment.



Some of Millioncare electric sonic toothbrush  waterproof level is IPX5.What does it mean, IPX-5: all-round and angle of water protection, providing 2-3 minutes 12.5 liters / Sec flow rate and 30n / m pressure waterproof protection. Millioncare electric toothbrush charging base waterproof level is IPX7 (1 meter underwater can soak for 30 minutes.), It is easy to see Millioncare electric toothbrush charging base of the waterproof level far more than the toothbrush body, but both are not a long time soaking In the water, if the two long time in a humid and watery environment, will certainly have an impact on the product.