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Electric Toothbrush Cost-battery Chapter

  If you disassembly an electric toothbrush, you could see the main structure like this:


  This picture, you can see, is very traditional. The structure is still very representative.If there is no  good design sense of toothbrush in appearance, it can not sell good price.


Poor electric toothbrushes are also used in dry cells whose the battery life is short and trouble in replacing the battery,wha is more,the voltage in the process is not stable too.

The new battery that just changed is like a small gun, it's running out of power a few times, and it's buzzing like a fly.

The more expensive ones, such as high-end sonic electric toothbrushes, use wireless charging technology.Once a charge is charged, it can be used for several weeks, and the vibration frequency is fairly stable until the moment the power in the fuselage is depleted.

  As the wireless charging technology becomes more and more mature, it is now being used on the mid-end electric toothbrush.

The point is that I feel like there is a wireless charging base that looks a lot better and is more suitable for the all-body wash of electric toothbrush.

The use of this radio, which greatly increases the cost of electric toothbrushes, will increase in price.