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Is It Necessary To Brush Teeth With Electric Toothbrushes

On the issue of washing
Some friends will be muttering: I can wash my teeth.Must i use electric toothbrush?
I see an article on the Internet t,going that a woman find that there are a lot of  calculus in her husband' mouth, so she forced him to scaling. However, calculus did not wash, the teeth, on the contrary, were loose.Though her husband complaint about her, she was also helpless.

How did this problem arise?
For example, it is like a small tree, the soil around it is decreasing every day, and the stones in the pit are getting more and more.And after a long period of time, when you suddenly move the stones away, the trees Of course, will be loose ah. But if you have not moved the stone, the situation of this little tree is not too good too! There is a situation, if you go to wash the calculus, there will be a problem about the teeth.The calculus grow very fast. The toothbrush is difficult to brush clean. But if you clean your teeth with electric toothbrush everyday, you will feel your teeth are not smooth yet if a day keep it away.

Electric toothbrush play role of the reinforcement to your teeth every day, while slowly breaking the collapse of stubborn calculus.It is a very powerful role, so when your teeth off the light at the same time, your teeth are still very strong ,right?

Now electric toothbrush does not just mean battery powered or rechargeable toothbrush. Sonic toothbrush is the new era which means the frequency up to 31000 strokes per min.Of course, for children, this vibration still high.

In some extent, if sonic frequency up to 21000 strokes per min,that is also called sonic electric toothbrush.