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Acoustic Toothbrush Comparing With Mechanical Toothbrush.

Is Acoustic Toothbrush really "Ultrasonic Cleaning"? And comparing with mechanical toothbrush,which is better?




The electric toothbrush on the market is divided into two major type.

Mechanical rotation type: with motor rotation driving arm, simulated manual brushing, but if speed faster and more violent (called the simple polishing machine!). Brush and bristles produce rotation or reciprocating motion, through the friction to achieve cleaning effect.


Sonic vibration type: rely on the high-speed movement of the motor vibration, transmitted the power to the bristles, resulting in a slight and rapid movement, through the shock to achieve the role of cleaning.



Many toothbrushes are labeled as "ultrasonic", in fact, it is just an exaggeration wording, not really in the ultrasonic brushing.

These toothbrushes produce a certain amount of cavitation at the edge of the bristles by the vibration of 15,000-70000 times per minute, causing the water and air and the mixture to move at high speed, with a stronger scouring effect on the tooth surface, peeling off the food residue and plaque .However the frequency of ultrasound is upto 120000 times / min and above.

Then which is better between mechanical and acoustic? I am partial to sonic electric toothbrush. Although the mechanical cleaning on the teeth of the surface is high efficiency, in contrast, acoustic toothbrush is easier to clean to the gingival sulcus and the like, and the physical wear on the teeth is smaller.

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