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About Toothbrush

Many of the world's ancient civilizations have rubbed teeth with tender shoots or chips, and another common method is to knead the teeth with baking soda or chalk. About BC 1600, India and Africa have emerged with Brown fox toothbrushes.

According to the American Dental Association, the Chinese Emperor Ming filial piety in 1498 also had a short stiff pig Shan hair inserted into bone handles made of toothbrushes. The Western tradition of cleaning teeth is a piece of rag brush teeth, this method at least in the ancient Roman times already existed. Toothbrush to the 17th century, until 19th century, the widespread popularity. 1938 DuPont Chemical introduced to synthetic fibers (mostly nylon) in lieu of animal Shan hair toothbrush, the first nylon yarn brush wool in the year February 24 listed.

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