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2017 First One Best Touchkey Press Sonic Tootburhes From Millioncare

   There are too many kinds of electric toothbrushes to be chosen nowadays.Big brands like oral-B,philipe can be seen everywhere,They have long time history ,and i admit their quantity is good.

   However, with the progress of secience,many supplier of electric toothbrush reaching a some technology leaver own numberous registered patents,advanced techonologies and experienced team which enable it to keep providing better and better products and serivce for the customers.

   But there is no denying it has the bad phenomenon like "cry up wine and sell vinegar". Usually, the vibration reach upto 31000 storkes/min,canbe called sonic toothbrush, and if the sound lower than 40BD,conforming to ergonomical design ,that is perfect.

   Except the above points,Millioncare push out one sonic toothbrush that is touch keypress function.With just a touch, it can work automatically.Also the sterilizer that match it also touch keypress and can be rechargeable too.

No more words, we could see the pictures below,

E:\牙刷\碧凡\1702\消毒 器1 拷 贝.jpg