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What is Infrared thermometer selection principle

  Last chapter we talked about how doese the infrared thermometer work.Now let's take a new chapter:

  What is Infrared thermometer selection principle?

  With Infrared temperature measurement technology continuing to develop ,it provides users with a variety of functions and multi-purpose equipment, to expand the choice.

  In the choice of thermometer model should pay attention to:
(1) to determine the measurement requirements: such as temperature range, accuracy requirements, the measured target size, measurement distance, the measured target surface emissivity, the target environment, response speed requirements;
(2) in the existing models of different thermometer comparison, select the ones to meet the above requirements of the instrument model;
(3) in a number of models to meet the above requirements in the selection of performance, function and price of the best match. Other options, such as ease of use, repair and calibration performance.


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