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Toothbrush Handle

The toothbrush handles are generally used in two times injection molding process, which will be coated with thermoplastic resin as a layer of elastic body. Traditional SAN, PS and other brush handles, because the material itself is not resistant to low temperature and chemicals, especially in the winter prone to brittle fracture, potentially harmful to the human body risk.

Kam Lake Day Li technicians through a series of research work on optimizing the substrate material and compatible technology, successfully developed a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) KSE5050 for PCTAorPETG high-grade toothbrush handles. KSE5050 This material has the following characteristics: with PCTA and PETG substrate adhesion, feel delicate, grasping grip strength, non-toxic tasteless, easy processing and other characteristics, and has obtained FDA certification.

The material of the ordinary toothbrush is called polystyrene.