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Three key elements for electric toothbrush

Brushing for the most  of people is the thing doing every day.People prefer the electric toothbrush to the ordinary toothbrush , most of the purpose in addition to convenience and save time, the better and more effective cleaning teeth should be the ultimate goal.

Electric toothbrush As the name suggests, is the electric to drive the toothbrush, built-in motor drives brush, the use of high-frequency swing per minute to tens of thousands of times (part of the electric toothbrush through the gear machine vibration) cleaning teeth.
There are three key elements on selecting electric toothbrush : frequency, amplitude, and torque.

Frequency, which is a good understanding, the faster the toothbrush brush swing in the same time,  the more number of toothbrush brush clean teeth  and cleaning efficiency will be greatly improved. Now the mainstream electric toothbrush for a minute of vibration from 15,000 to 31000 times.When it upto 31000 times, it can be called sonic toothbrush.


Amplitude.Vibration frequency is only electric toothbrush efficient cleaning teeth one of the key points, while the amplitude is another key point. Different brands of electric toothbrush brush head vibration amplitude is usually between 3mm to 5mm. The height of the normal adult crown (also part of the tooth exposed to the gums) is between 7mm and 11mm, and the upper and lower jaw crowns add up to no more than 20mm. Based on this data, electric toothbrush brush head are generally about 10mm in width, plus about 5mm vibration amplitude, vibration at work when the vibration of the brush will not exceed the length of the teeth, can do brush teeth do not hurt gums.

Torque, in fact, the amplitude and torque above are closely related. Brushing is the need for wrist force, and of course electric toothbrush is the same case. We use electric toothbrush to brush the teeth, the same to force the brush to the teeth, and this force will affect the electric toothbrush amplitude, so many electric toothbrush in your teeth do no work.
The appropriate brushing strength is 200g, when the force through the electric toothbrush applied to the teeth , the torque of the electric toothbrush can overcome this force to maintain their effective amplitude.However the amplitude of electric toothrbush will be greatly attenuated if the torque is not enough  . Even to 0 amplitude. This time, you will still feel the electric toothbrush in the vibration, but in fact, it  is the handle in the vibration, not the brush. You will be in vain 
Common electric toothbrush torque is between to, and up to torque electric toothbrush is Millioncare sonic electric toothbrush.

So the torque is also very important when selecting electric toothbrush, do not just think about the frequency level in future.