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The meaning of replacing the toothbrush

Toothbrush is our daily life inseparable from the oral hygiene tool, but not everyone understands the maintenance of toothbrushes, some people toothbrush used for a few years, and some people brush their teeth in the sealed toothbrush box, and even two or three people to share a toothbrush, these use of the method of toothbrush not only can not wash the mouth, but become the source of oral bacteria. The correct toothbrush curing method is as follows:

After brushing the use of clean water thoroughly washed, not only to wash the toothbrush residue of toothpaste and food debris, but also try to dry the toothbrush on the moisture, the toothbrush head upward into the mouthwash cup, placed in dry and ventilated place. Because moist toothbrushes can breed bacteria. Some scholars found that whether healthy people or the patient's toothbrush, the use of one months, the toothbrush on a large number of bacteria reproduction. Unclean toothbrush can not only cause inflammation of the gums, but also a variety of infectious diseases.