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Principle of electric toothbrush

1954, Swiss doctor Philippe-Guy Woog invented an electric toothbrush, 60 years later, the current electric toothbrush incredibly similar to this predecessor. China's UNPROFOR network believes that, from the principle of the point, electric toothbrush has two categories: rotation and vibration. Rotary type Toothbrush principle is simple, is the motor drive round brush head rotation, in the execution of ordinary brush teeth action to strengthen the friction effect. Vibrating types of toothbrushes are more complex, and also more high-end from the price. Vibrating type of toothbrush inside has an electrically driven vibration motor, can let the brush head to produce perpendicular to the brush handle direction of high-frequency swing, but the amplitude of the swing is very small, generally about 5 mm. Brushing the time on the one hand high-frequency swing brush the head can effectively finish washing teeth, on the other hand more than 20,000 times per minute vibration also let the mouth of toothpaste and water mixture produced a large number of tiny bubbles, bubble burst when the pressure can be deep into the teeth clean dirt.