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How does infrared thermometer work?

Do you know how the infrared thermometer work ?


In nature, all temperatures above absolute zero are constantly emitting infrared radiation to the surrounding space. According to Kirchhoff's law, Planck's law, Wien formula, and the three radiation laws, there is a very close relationshiop among the size of the infrared radiation energy of the object and its distribution according to the wavelength and its surface temperature . Therefore, by measuring the infrared energy of the object's own radiation, it can accurately determine its surface temperature, which is based on the infrared radiation temperature based on the objective basis.

The three radiation laws are based on "blackbody" as the object of analysis. However, the actual objects present in nature are not black, and the amount of radiation in all actual objects depends on the radiation wavelength and the temperature of the object. It is also related to the material type of the object, the preparation method, the surface state and the environmental conditions. Therefore, in order to apply the law of blackbody radiation to all actual objects, it is necessary to introduce a proportional coefficient, that is, emissivity, related to the material properties and surface state. This coefficient represents the degree of proximity of the actual object's thermal radiation to the blackbody radiation, and its value is between 0 ~ 1. According to the law of radiation, as long as you know the emissivity of the material, you know the infrared radiation characteristics of any object. The surface emissivity of the object is mainly determined by the material properties and surface conditions (such as surface oxidation, coating material, roughness and contamination status).

Infrared radiation thermometer to measure the target temperature, the first is to measure the target in its range of infrared radiation, and then by the thermometer to calculate the measured target temperature. Infrared thermometer consists of optical system, photoelectric detector, signal amplifier and signal processing, display output and other components. The infrared system is focused on the photodetector and converted into the corresponding electrical signal; the signal passes through the amplifier and signal processing circuit, To the temperature of the measured target.

Infrared thermometer according to the principle can be divided into monochrome thermometer and two-color thermometer (radiation color temperature measuring instrument), monochrome thermometer and the amount of radiation within the band proportion; two-color thermometer and two bands The ratio of the amount of radiation.

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