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Brush Hair Selection

Tooth Brush wool material has natural bristles and nylon two kinds. The clear effect of natural bristles and the ability to absorb toothpaste are better than nylon, but it also has insufficient place, it is that it compares to suck water, dry very slowly, thus relatively easy to grow poison. Nylon slender soft, can clean the clearance of teeth, and elasticity is better, have a better massage effect, coupled with its wear-resistant, non-absorbent characteristics, so become the preferred material brush wool.

Brush hair has soft hair, medium wool, hard hair three. Brush wool directly on the back of the hand, light pressure when there is a tingling, the brush is hard. Strong brush hair easily lead to gum atrophy, tooth neck wedge-shaped defect, etc. over soft brush hairs can not play the role of selling tooth surface. Therefore, the choice of moderate hardness of the toothbrush is more appropriate.